I just added 2 new things to the blog (in addition to a MASSIVE update that's almost complete). One is a list of tags on the right side bar in order of frequency used. That should make it easier to search for recipes since I don't title my posts.

Secondly, I added the Following feature. It's a new feature that lets you show support of a blog and also lets you keep track of the blogs that you read. It's great for people who forget all of the blogs that they like to visit. You can get RSS updates whenever I post a new recipe, and you can be displayed as being a fan over on the side bar. And yes, my mom came on as my first fan. So be awesome like her, and click the "follow this blog" link on the right.

Anyway, here's a link to a description of the features, if you want to learn more. I like that it adds the feed to your Google Reader (which I just started using).

I'm going through my massive list of friends' blogs to follow them, but I have a ton, so it'll take a while. If you have it enabled on your food blog and wanna swap, leave a note :)

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging...