Great Time Saving Tip For Halving Grape Tomatoes, Grapes, etc.

I made this recipe again and thought I'd share a really great time saving tip with you all. I saw this on an episode of 30-Minute Meals once, and before Rachael showed the tip (she got it from a friend of hers), she said that your jaw was going to drop when you saw how much time you'll save. I figured she was exaggerating, but honestly - my jaw did drop!

I've used this method for grapes, small tomatoes (grape or cherry), and I'm sure it would work for other things as well. I'm going to post a visual step-by-step which I think is pretty self explanatory. You just save 2 of the tops from deli containers and use them to slice a bunch of items all at once. No more cutting one by one, letting them roll all over the counter!

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