Pomme Frites with Dipping Sauces

What's the perfect thing to snack on during a lazy Sunday? These fantastic fries! Dino has been wanting to make them in the deep fryer, and he finally did it. WOW. They rocked! He made 2 different dipping sauces, and they were out of this world! Super crispy on the outside and tender on the inside - the perfect texture. The sauces were both great, and yes, I did dip some fries in both sauces. Yum!!

Pomme Frites
Adapted from various sources

3 or 4 Russet Potatoes
Vegetable, Canola, Peanut or Grape Seed Oil

• Use a mandolin or potato slicer to cut potatoes
• Soak potatoes in ice water for 30 minutes
• Heat deep fryer or deep pot of oil to 325°F
• Drain water and dry the potatoes using paper towels
• Deep-fry the potatoes in the oil for 5-6 minutes. Do not overload the fryer- fry in batches
• Remove and drain the potatoes, allowing them to cool to room temperature
• Raise the temperature of the oil to 375°
• Deep-fry the potatoes in the oil for 2 minutes, or until crispy
• Remove and drain the potatoes
• Add salt and pepper to taste while still hot

Spicy Mayo Dipping Sauce
4 Tbs Mayonaise
1/4 tsp Ketchup
1 tsp Sriracha or other Hot Sauce
1/4 tsp Smoked Paprika

Teriyaki Ginger Dipping Sauce
4 Tbs Mayonaise
1 tsp Teriyaki Sauce
1/4 tsp Soy Sauce
1/4 tsp Ground Ginger
1/4 tsp Ground Garlic

MacGourmet Rating: 5 Stars

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