Garlicky Buttered Noodles with Shaved Parmesan, Peas and Basil

This is one of the things I make when I need a quick and simple lunch. It doesn't matter what kind of noodles...but this dish has always really comforting to me. I boil some noodles, adding a handful of frozen peas in for the last few minutes of cooking time and then drain them in a colander. Then I melt some butter in the pot. I love garlic, so I mince a few cloves and put them in with the garlic and stir them around until fragrant. I add the noodles and peas back in and toss it around. I shave or grate in some nice Parmesan and put it in a bowl. Top it with some basil (this time around, I used green and purple from my garden), and you have a simple, tasty bowl of comfort food. It's not for everyone I suppose, but I sure love it!

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