Rhubarb Custard Pie

I've made this recipe several times, but this time it may have been the best ever! I realized that unless you have a deep-dish pie pan, you should cut the pie filling recipe in half. I also think that the baking time varies a lot - this time, using half the pie filling, I baked it for about 12 minutes shy of what the recipe calls for. When I was using the standard amount, I'd bake it much longer, because the middle of the pie would stay jiggly for a lot longer. I used a store-bought crust this time, but my favorite crust recipe can be found in this post, too. This pie is one of those tastes that can't be described, and you'll either love it (and I mean L-O-V-E!!) or hate it.

As a side note, this lovely vintage hand embroidered tea towel is something that I found from a great shop called Vintage Marquise. The seller, Sabine, lives in the south West of France, and she has some really lovely items. This towel struck me because it has me and my husband's initials on it. The creativity in the packaging was great, too, and I kept the little sachet of dried flowers in the drawer where I keep all of my tea towels.

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