Mixed Holiday Sugar Cookies

I made a batch of my Grandma's Christmas cookie dough, and this time around, I used cookie cutters from Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day. Why not? And I must have used up all of my red food coloring the last time I made red velvet cake, because all I had was yellow, green and blue. I had meant to bake them before my friend came over, but my son was a handful during the day, so I asked if she'd be interested in cutting out and decorating cookies with me. To my surprise, she had never baked cookies before. Like, at all! So her first experience with making cookies was using a bunch of really random cookie cutters and funky colors of icing haha! They turned out wonderful as always, although I didn't get all of the lumps out of the icing, and I took a picture of them after they were stacked, so they don't look as pretty as usual. But hey...they're delicious, soft cookies that always remind me of my very favorite Grandma :)

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